The Process

Engaging with a designer-maker in a creative process may be unfamiliar territory so here is a brief outline of how I like to operate. This process may vary depending on the scope and timeframe of the project.

Bespoke ceramics, custom designed and handmade, to be used every day.

1. Let's Talk

We need to build a relationship. I need to get to know you, your venue and the experience you are trying to create. Our first meeting will also give you a chance to get to know me and my work. I like to present samples of previous work at this point as it helps to get the conversation started. Let’s get on the same page!

2. Design Development & Prototyping

Payment of a small design development fee confirms that we agree to proceed with this phase of the project.  I will begin developing designs and physical prototypes demonstrating forms, colours and finishes.

3. Selection

This is where you get the chance to select designs and make any revisions to work I present. Remember these are handmade products and one of the wonderful things about them is that each individual in a set will be unique. The designs you select will act as my guide during production but please remember I'm not a machine! 

4. Order

Once you've selected the designs that meet your brief we can discuss your order. I will send you a quote outlining the costs and a proposed timeframe for the project. A 50% deposit is required to confirm your order.

5. Production


Once you have confirmed your order production will begin at my home workshop on Mount Wellington. Your pieces will be thrown by hand on a potters wheel or hand built before being meticulously finished and prepared for their first firing. Following this firing I apply glazes that I have personally developed for their durability, unique surfaces and colour. These pots are then fired for approximately 8 hours in a gas kiln with constant care and monitoring. The kiln then cools for a few days. When the pots are cool enough to be unloaded I will clean and polish them with care, checking that each one meets my quality and aesthetic standards. 

Yes, this is a long process but please be patient, it’s worth it!

6. Delivery

When everything is complete and up to scratch the pieces are ready to be delivered. All that's required to make this happen is the payment of your balance.