Lindsey Wherrett Ceramics
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Lindsey Wherrett

I was born and raised in the north of Scotland so I feel quite at home up on the lush and sometimes chilly slopes of Kunanyi, Hobart's mountain, where I have lived and worked for six years.

I trained in architecture before I took a sidestep into ceramics bringing much of what I learned relating to functional design, materiality and form into this new expression. I still approach my work from a similar mindset.

Being a designer maker gives me the unbroken connection with the ideas and physical materials from beginning to end, something I always craved in architecture.

All my work is created on a pottery wheel, finished by hand and fired under a live flame in a gas kiln. This process creates infinite opportunity for subtle variation in the forms and surface finish of each piece.

I aim to provide my clients with bespoke, timeless pieces which add quiet character, richness and tactility to their everyday moments.

For more details please visit the FAQ page or contact me here.

- Lindsey

Lindsey Wherrett Tasmanian ceramicist
Silver Falls Fern Tree Tasmania
Tasmanian ceramicist Lindsey Wherrett in her workshop
Fern Tree Tasmania

Proudly made by hand in Tasmania