Hi there

My passion lies in creating bespoke ceramic pieces to enhance the unique spaces and experiences that my clients envision.

My ceramic work is made to be used. It is a pure and fundamental investigation of form and function.

I began my journey to this place in the field of architecture and found may way to pottery through a strong desire to have a connection to the materials I use and the physical manifestation of my ideas. 

Adventures overseas, in Europe and Japan, gave time for my passion and aesthetic to mature. Training under some of the most highly skilled potters in Australia has given me a confident technical grounding.

I produce my work from my home studio near Hobart, Tasmania. My process combines the fluid strength of wheel thrown vessels with graceful hand cut curves and clean lined glazing, giving each piece a unique form and elegant asymmetry.

The design principle “form follows function” resonates with me. My pieces must perform their physical function well but an equally important part of that function is to make you happy, quietly enriching the visual and tactile environment of your daily rituals.

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